June 23, 2011



Entry ni di buat just utk share rse TERKILAN ak kt management 1 online shop. ak ni bleyh di kte kn inmature la dlm bab2 jual beli through online ni. Infact this is my first time kot. last week ak de view blog deowang n decide nk bli 1 shawl ni. ak pon fill in the form yg da mmg wajib utk di isi la kn da kte pon nk make order..apeda..hehe. Few hour pas tu dpt la confirmation email n i'll just follow the instruction and make the payment on the next day onward! but since the shop do not operate in the weekend the email will only be replied on the monday. So, bile received their reply on monday they want to see the transaction receipt. Aku reply n wanted to attach the pic of the receipt in that email but unfortunately i can't. I dunno why. Ak pon reply to them n let them know my situation. 

Unfortunately , on that monday n tuesday i was soo busy n worst is i cannot on9 to check my email as the connection prob. When i finally get to on9 honestly the first thing i do is checking my email. They insist that i have to send the transaction slip as a prove n i know it is important. i've tried again n this time the slip can finally be attach in that email. i thought i hve do evrything required n email the shop again to make clear of this issues. N they replied this "oke dear. clear. item akan dipost by tomorrow ye. thanx again :)". I feel very relief..

As i look up to their fb profile n i read this...

dan ini

 Sakit ati cgt owg kutuk2 n slahkan kte for things that kte XBUAT. Rse sangat terkilan dengan statement dpd management shop tu..they do not know the real situations n just put the blame. klo cmni la atitude deowang ckup la sekali je berurusan. Ak xkn mintak la deowa ng utk apologise sbb that is no point for that. In fact deowang pon mct x sedar yg statement deowang uh dh mnyakitkn hati org yg xbersalah.. Xpe la kn. redha je. Bia la org yg wt kt kte but kte jgn sesekali wt kt org cmtu.. hopefully soon deowang akan sedar..till  then...

much much love, 


  1. sabar eh..semua ni masalah kurang communication and main assume je. maybe diorang buat sbb ingat awk nk tipu diorang, skarang mmg banyak problem nk jual barang online..:)

    but sy pun tak sokong cara diorang bila buat statement mcm tu bila 'kecurian' yg diorang ckp kn tu blm jadi lg and diorang hanya assume tanpa tau hal yg sebenar. kalau betul lah diorang referring to you, diorang should make another statement that they were wrong.

    kesian pulak dekat awk, dah lah first time buy on9, tp dpt bad experience pulak. sy ni, panjang pulak comment..sorry :P

  2. sokeh.mula2 tu mmg la mrh p xpela, just let it be coz sy rce deowang pon xsedar psl hal ni that y xde pape feedback or apologise from them..btw tengs for ur tought.really appreciate it :)